IT-Solutions for Startups and
Software Product Companies
MVP, POC Development
Scalable Web (.NET) Development teams
Development of a new version of your software product
Independent Quality Assurance
The ways we work
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Fixed Price Projects
We work with fixed price model too. Often it's a starting point to team extension.
Team Extension
Capable software professionals that become a remote part of your team
Remote Team
Self-managed, responsible professional software development teams

We learn what you want first
exactly what you want
From Idea to Wireframes
We begin by talking with you about your idea. You talk, we draw screen skeletons (wireframes).

Usually it takes 3-4 iterations where we get your feedback, modify wireframes, discuss per your direction and discuss the final version with you.

We ask you questions about functionality and our UI/UX specialists convert words to screens, menus, buttons, grids. Simple isn't it?

When the wireframes are finalized we move to the to Design stage.

exactly what you want
From Wireframes to Design
Once we have your requirements we paint a picture of what you are asking for.

Once complete we move to the development phase. With our process you will see what you get, with no surprises for you or our developers.

exactly what you want
From Design to Plan
We plan the development broken out into stages. The value in each stage is you are a part of the design process by providing feedback on each stage.

It is to track the progress of the project and meet your product with the market on early stages.
We are transparent
See the latest version online
Always see the latest version of your web project at
{project-name} You can see it and share with the stakeholders (investors or partners)

Communicate with the team every day
Every day we have a 5-20 minute Skype-calls. It's an opportunity for regular communication with your team so you know what's going on and give a feedback on the project!

So you can see your team, talk to them. Nothing is hidden!

See worklogs and progress details on daily basis
We give our customers the access to work logs so they can see what has the team worked on.

See how tasks go
We use JIRA, Agile and Kanban.

It's easy to see tasks in the Backlog, current Development, QA and tasks that have been completed.
Любим свое дело, собаку на нем съели
В общем, любим свое дело и знаем в нем толк
Обо мне
1. В бизнесе более 7 лет
2. Владелец 1 компании
3. 7 сотрудников
4. Оборот 1.1 млн руб/мес

Отец 4-х сыновей
1. Да, от одной жены
2. Да, дочку хотим
3. Да, может еще попробуем

Семейный стаж более 13 лет

1. 4.5 км в открытой воде без гидрокостюма
2. IronStar в Казани (1.9 км плыть, 90 вел, 21 бег)
3. Марафон (42 км) + несколько полумарафонов
4. Самый веселый был в Москве 1 января в -19C

1. Посетил 3 страны (США, Германия, Израиль)
2. Провел более 40 деловых встреч с зарубежными предпринимателями
3. Рекордная сумма контракта: $420K без поездок:)

Август - Ноябрь 2017
(А) Август 2017
Оборот: 1.1 млн руб.
Прибыль: 250 т.р./мес
(Б) Ноябрь 2017
Оборот: 2 млн, руб/мес
Прибыль: 750 т.р./мес

Цель: к 1 ноября 2017 года заработать чистыми 900 т.р.

Цель 2: к 31 декабря 2017 года заработать чистыми 2 000 000 рублей
Что нужно
Нанять 4-х программистов
Найти проекты и загрузить еще 4-х программистов работой
Помесячный план
Август: нанять 2-х программистов

Сентябрь: Нанять 2-х программистов
Продать 2-х программистов

Октябрь: нанять 2-х программистов
Продать 2-х программистов
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