Ivan T.
Main skiils:
- .NET C#
- ASP.NET Web Forms
- Entity Framework
- ASP.NET Web Froms
- Multithread Programming

Additional skills:
- MS SQL Server, MySQL
- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, AngularJS(1/2)
- C/C++, Java, Python
- Mercurial, SVN, Git
- Jira, Redmine. Gemini
- Advanced using Linux
- TDD; SOLID; Agile Development; MVP, MVC etc.

- Intermediate
Experience overview
7 years of experience in the IT, specializing in .NET, Object-Oriented Design and development
Projects description
Client-server system for task automation in an information security
Client-server system for task automation in an information security field. A classical web application with different opportunities like aggregation of much information about potential threats, measures to prevent it, many document and report generation etc.

1+ year


Goals and challenges
My primary task was to rewrite it from C#/WinForms desktop application into modern ASP.NET MVC web application. The key feature of the project was a lot of business logic had been implemented in stored procedures in DB side to increase system performance because of a lot of data to be processed. Therefore it was nec—Āessary from me to deeper learn T-SQL language and MSSQL Server work details. Also client side was required to support old browsers like IE7+ and so we could use only pure JS and some simple js libraries like jQuery and others. Because of supporting old browsers(no ES2015) whole JS code I
decoupled and organized into modules according to so-called module pattern based on IIF for convenient
further development.

- Web Application Developer

Team Size
- 3 developers
Desktop C#/WPF cryptocurrency wallet
Development of yet another desktop C#/WPF cryptocurrency wallet - Javvy Wallet (https://javvy.com)
with ICO release and sales of customer's own token value - JVY and others like BTC, ETH and BCC.

1 year

C#/WPF, ASP.NET Core + React.js.

First of all I developed core functionality for cryptocurrency operations as an obfuscated library with
open simple API. And then I prepared plain documentation for it. After that based on the library I built
desktop WPF application according to MVVM architecture pattern. I composed UI by XAML in
accordance with designer's prototype. Because of project value it was neccessary from me to learn
tons of documentation and articles about blockchain mechanism, cryptography and implement base
operations like buy\sell currency, retreive\backup private keys, synchronyzing transaction list,
converting from one to another value including customer's own token value etc. Also I worked in
collaboration with mobile developer that used the library as well. Whole work process accompanied
with pair code review, SOLID principles, unit testing, DI.
Moreover from time to time in another development team I supported a web-project based on
ASP.NET Core + React.js. In general I refactored existing code, fixed bugs and wrote tests. Rarely I
implemented new functionality.

- Full stack developer

Self employment
There was a couple of my personal projects based on ASP.NET MVC.
In both projects mainly I prototyped UI by means of Bootstrap framework + manual editing
HTML\CSS. For data manipulation and store. I used ORM code-first way through Entity
Framework+LINQ. Additionally used: unit testing, DI, different useful libraries for generating office
documents and so on. Source code was organized according to SOILD principles.

1 year


Goals and challenges
The first one was for operators at customer's fiberglass factory in order to increase production
perfomance and its clarity. The key characteristic of the project was the operators have to use special
Windows OS tablets with embedded camera. So I developed server side straightforward ASP.NET
MVC application that processed, obtained and give any data about current production and customer
orders. For the client side I used AngularJs form-based web application where operators can fill a great
deal of different manufacture data about intermediate products, scan its bar codes (using special JS
library and tablet camera) to notify the system about current progress, correct available data(for
instance after product measures and calibrations) and others.

For the second one there was a neccessary to develop a system for observing and analyzing work
activity and perfomance of sales representative staff(SR) at the customer's firm. And the main idea
of the project was every SR have to use special mobile application in order to transfer ANY data into
the system about own work progress. And the company management(the customer) could get any
work analitycs about separate SR under different criteria. Therefore I developed server side ASP.NET
MVC+AngularJS application with simple WebAPI to communicate with mobile one. Our development
team consisted of I and mobile developer. As result the system could build different graphs, generate
flexible reports, show weak sales and SR activity and so on.

- Tech Lead, Developer

Automation cashier workplace
Software for interaction between the automated cashier workplace and cashbox.

C# .NET WinForms.

Goals and challenges
Rework and modification of an automated cashier workplace for updated service providers' protocols.

- Back end developer

Several projects for telecommunication.


- Web application developer
Freelance exchange web site
Private web site for freelancers. Main functionality is to add projects, find freelancers, bid project, etc.


- Full stack developer, Tech Lead

Team Size
- 2 developers
Budget reporting and automation system for goverment tenders
Complex solution, budget reporting and automation system for government tenders. The system supposed to build diferent kind of financial reports about tenders which could be signed by digital signature and organise government tenders following federal laws.

ASP.NET MVC (ORM NHibernate)/Windows Forms/Silverlight + ExtJS/JQuery + Oracle/MySQL + Git/TFS, WCF-services

Goals and challenges
- 25-30 developers team
- work with digital signatures
- system for the whole country

- Full stack developer, Tech Lead

Team Size
- 25-30 developers, team contained 5 sub teams which worked on different parts of the application. We used Agile to plan work
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