Denis K
Senior .NET developer
18 years experience
39 y.o.
- C#, .NET, .NET Core
- Good knowledge and experience with of: WPF, IoC (DIP), DI, ASP.NET, .NET Core, XML, JSON
- MS SQL Sever, ADO.NET, ORM (Entity Framework 6/Core)
- WinForms/WPF, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, Web API
- DevOps, Agile/Scrum methodology
- Some experience with Java, C++, JavaScript, Angular

- Intermediate
Projects and Experience
Software Company Ambaha IT Solutions
Sept 2018 – Present
Position: Software Developer

D-Group LLC
June 2016 – Sept 2018
Position: Developer
Project and responsibilities:
I was working on a Windows WPF modular application. It is a platform for creating desktop applications. My role was to create application architecture, database structure, and some key functions of application. The main tasks were: Authorization & Authentication logic, universal multitenant backend, Dynamic Layout engine, Custom data field engine, Document forms back code functionality, core cross application functionality such as logging, module settings etc.

Feb 2016 – May 2016
Position: Developer
Project and responsibilities:
My role was to create logic for big telecom application. It was a really nice experience to work for this company. I was a part of an 8 people team in the middle of the open space with another 100+ great and creative professionals! It was almost like to be in the middle of the Beijing railway station, really cool!

ID-Russia LLC
Mar 2013 – Dec 2015
Position: Developer
Project and responsibilities:
Participated in the whole cycle of software development from analyzing customer requirements to deploying solutions on the client side. The main role was a back-end c# software development.
During the time of working in this company I was engaged in several projects:
1. Andon for automobile production line;
2. Warehouse management solution for GM;
3. Box Warehouse management solution; In this three solutions the main technologies was WPF, Windows Mobile, MS SQL, ADO.NET, EnityFramework;
4. Windows Mobile Application and C++ driver for Central Bank (Russia). The task was to create an application in MobileTerminal and integrate this app with main application in Java. My role was to create a C++ driver and Java test app to integrate the application with Java throw JTI and ActiveSync. As we succeed in this project I was in charge to deliver and integrate the solution on the client side. I successfully complete all the steps of acceptance in the client side;
5. Password manager for Ford. My role was to create an architecture and database structure. Also, I wrote a core lib of password management logic and database line protection logic. Main technologies in this project were: ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL, ENtityFramework;
6. Inventory WPF application. Windows application with SQL Server as a persistent storage and ADO.NET data layer. In this project, I created a data layer and a layer of integration with 1cPlatform with some code in the server (1c) side.

D-Group LLC
Sep 2011 – Feb 2013
Position: Developer
Project and responsibilities:
Development of the desktop application for VehicleMangent. My role was to create whole application from the scratch. UI-Logic-Backend. WPF, SQL Server, EntitiyFramework 6, Unit Test, Integration Tests. Application is publicly available from

Vostochniy Alyance
Jun 2004 – Jul 2011
Position: System administrator, developer
Project and responsibilities:
My main responsibility was managing a park of servers and PCs. As a software developer, I created an intranet site using ASP.NET WebForms, and integration layer with 1C systems

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