Roman S.
Senior Fullstack Developer / Team Lead
14 years of experience

Senior developer, team lead with 14 years of experience in application development, database design, and technical architecture. I have various experience in the legal, health care, travel, banking and educational industries.

Back End
- .NET
- ASP.NET Core
- NodeJS

Front End
- Angular 2-15
- Vue.JS
- Angular 1.x
- Knockout JS
- React

Mobile App Development
- Xamarin

- Microsoft SQL Server
- Mongo DB

Cloud Technologies
- Azure
- Amazon Web Services

- Upper Intermediate
State University of Electrotechnics, Saint-Petersburg, Russia — M.S. Computer Science

Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead, Ambaha IT-Solutions — 2018-2023
Design and develop complex responsive web applications, high-load mobile applications using a variety of technologies. Architect and administer database updates and designs. Development leadership and team management experience. Additionally, developed mobile application for footbal club fans, included all the latest news, team information, live broadcasts.

Senior Software Engineer, Data Art — 2010-2017
Architect and implement high-load web applications, mostly in healthcare and financial areas. Engineered .NET web application that operates with diseases forecasts and builds forecasts to improve medicine sales area. Developed Bloomberg-integrated system with variety of WCF services built for Loans and CDS info exchange between client-side and 3rd party mail system. Worked in travel industry, developed online booking system.

Software Engineer, Transas Marine Technologies — 2007-2010
Desined and developed a marine- and aero-simulators for educational area. Developed desktop applications, and database solutions to enhance existing educational approaches.

Software Developer, Engineering Center of Science — 2005-2007
Developed and maintained system for automated missile trajectory calculations and results analysis.

Web-platform with 4,120,000 locations on the map
There was an outdated version of the system. It was difficult to find developers for the obsolete technology (ASP.NET). At the same time, it was important to start adding new functionality in the shortest possible time and bring them to the market.
An additional problem was slow operation of the system (loading of the pages took more than 10 seconds), users flooded support service with messages.
Also, the data in the system was incomplete, it was necessary to integrate with the new data providers. This, in turn, have led to point increase on the map by 2 times.
The time was limited

Vue.js, .NET Core, MS SQL, Amazon Web Services, Metronic

- We transferred the system to modern technology within 4 days
- The number of users increased, and the number of calls to the support service fell to 2 per day after 3 weeks
- We added 4 million objects to the map
- We optimized the speed of loading pages from 10 seconds to 1 second without changing the hardware
- We updated the map to the latest version
- We implemented new functionality in a quiet mode during 7 months
- We added support for mobile devices

- Full stack developer

Team Size
-4 Developers, 1 QA and 1 Project Manager
Learning Management System (LMS)
It was necessary to develop a learning management system. The system have to include webinar rooms, an assessment center, system to upload/modify courses, monitoring the progress of students. It was necessary to develop the product iteratively, releasing a new stable version every 4 weeks.

As a development methodology, SCRUM was selected with an iteration of 2 weeks. At the end of each iteration, demonstration was carried out to customers and users. The team was to consist of 7 developers, 1 designer, project manager and 2 testers.
As a technology platform, platform from Microsoft (.NET) was taken.
It was decided to maintain the widely used SCORM standard in the system. This would allow new customers to easily transfer their courses from their old platform to our new one.

.NET Core, MS SQL, Amazon Web Services, Vue.js

-Potential clients were invited on development demonstrations (showcases), this allowed to increase sales of the platform even at the time of development
- Every 4 weeks there was a new stable version of the product
- Users and customers were involved in the process and provided timely feedback
- The system supported the SCORM standard, this allowed new customers to quickly move their courses to a new platform

- Full stack developer

Team Size
- 7 Developers, 2 QA, 1 Web-Designer and 1 Project Manager.
Highload Data Validation System (750,000 messages per minute)
The solution supposed to validate XML messages from 5 different sport data services. There were screens to set up validation rules, rules consisted of different operators and AND, OR logic. We had challenges with performance, because maximum loading was 750,000 messages per minute. We created different applications, some of them were downloading XML files, other ones were validation them and were working in parallel. The solution also contained screens with statistics charts and XML messages with the wrong data.

Angular, .NET Core, MS SQL, Amazon Web Services, Metronic

- the solution supports 750 000 XML-messages per minute
- 5 Data Services
- the system is able to validate 1 Gb of incoming XML files

- Full stack developer

Team Size
- 2 developers, 1 QA and 1 Project Manager. The project was critical and had a tight timeline.
Customer support platform in 8 weeks
Solution supposed to get tickets from information system customers. It was able to create rules to assign tickets to appropriate departments based on different conditions: priority, product, issue type, etc. The system had customisable ticket forms with custom fields of 7 different types. Timeline for the project was very tight, basically we had 8 weeks to get system implemented. Because of that we had to create solid
architecture with reusable components to get it done faster.

Angular, ASP.NET MVC/Core, MySQL, Amazon Web Services, Metronic

Goals and challenges
- the solution was implemented within 2.5 months
- wireframes and mockups helped us to understand requirements within 2 weeks
- our solution supposed to be integrated in existing system and architecture was good enough for that

- Full stack developer

Team Size
- 2 developers, 1 QA and 1 Project Manager and UI/UX specialist. The project was critical and had a tight timeline.
Expenses optimisation startup. Highload
Microsoft Azure based web site and multiple worker roles to interact with third party APIs. We needed to implement a Web site with dashboard. Also system supposed to interact with several third party web APIs to collect data about expenses. System was architected to process millions of users.

MS SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, ASP.NET MVC, Angular, C# application, Redis, PhantomJS, Kendo UI, Service Bus

- Senior Developer, Team Lead

Team Size
- 2 developers, 2 QA and 1 Project Manager
Web platform for architectures
The challenge was to provide high performance and smooth user experience. WebGl was new at that time and there was little documentation available. The system allowed architectures to apply different materials in real-time and rotate the 3d model of a house. Also we used ASP.NET MVC on the server side and AngularJS.

ASP.NET MVC, Angular, MS SQL Server, WebGl, Three.js

- Senior developer
Web application - Form Editor
A modern web app to construct forms. The outcome was supposed to be "modern", meaning that we had to work with the most trending frameworks. We chose ASP.NET MVC, Angular JS and Angular Material library for UI. There was a lot of drag and drop functionality. End user was able to take an element (text box question, radio button question) and drag it to the central area.


- Senior developer

Team Size
- 2 Developers, 1 QA and 1 Project Manager
Complex solution for Attorney company
Complex includes corporate system, web site, Xamarin mobile app, web server. All parts work together and use the same programming language (C#). It helped to reuse code for different parts and made system solid and stable.

ASP.NET MVC, Xamarin, MS SQL SERVER, Umbraco, Kendo UI, Entity Framework

- Senior Developer, Tech Lead