Примеры наших дашбордов
Дашборд для сети турагенств
Дашборд для региональных менеджеров по продажам.
Позволяет анализировать ключевые метрики, такие как объем продаж, прибыль, конверсии в продажу, средний чек по офисам и менеджерам, а также видеть топ офисов и топ менеджеров по прибыли

Дашборд - интерактивный! Можете нажимать)

У нас много и иностранных клиентов. Вот что они говорят о нас)
We have worked with Roman and his team for over three years. We view Ambaha as an extension of our company. The quality of work is very high, the communication is solid, and work gets done efficiently. Ambaha joins our morning stand-up meeting via Skype and keeps us updated as to the status of our projects. Ambaha is a vital part of our team, and I highly recommend them
Jim Bob McAllister
President in KeySys Consulting
Roman and his team have been amazing to work with. From conception to execution they have been quick to address concerns about the design, code, and approach for our project. Looking forward to working with them again on many more projects.
Chris Kehayias
CEO at ThinkMinistry
Roman is one of the best software developers I know. We worked together for over a year, and I came to have the utmost respect for his dedication and professionalism. He is skilled and talented in many diverse software languages and technologies, and it would be a pleasure to work with him again anytime
Fred Chateau
CTO, SlateXP
Roman is a brilliant programmer an has built a team with those standards in mind. Our site uses very sophistication and were terminated. However, Roman and his team, with guidance from our CTO, quickly grasped our needs and completed the tasks assigned timely and within budget
Jim Clouse
Founder of ClikitySplit
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