Anton B.
Senior DevOps Engineer
12+ years of experience
DevOps with full variety of experiences on Windows and Linux environments.
12+ years of experience administering, maintaining and supporting secure networks, servers and clusters.
Great work ethic, interpersonal skills, and solid critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Cloud Providers: Azure, Heroku, AWS
Containers: Docker
Orchestration: Ansible, Puppet, Kubernetes
CI/CD: Jenkins, Teamcity, Gitlab
Virtualization: VMWare ESXi, Citrix, kvm

Operating Systems: Win9x-18, Linux (Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Alt, Suse, BSD)
Microsoft domain services: AD, WSUS, WDS, DNS, DHCP, SCCM, Terminal Server, License Server
Network: L1-L7
Monitoring: Zabbix, Nagios, Munin, ELK Stack, Cacti, Grafana, Heapster, Prometheus
Firewalls: IPtables, RouterOS, Ferm
Databases: Microsoft SQL 2005-2014, MySQL(MariaDB), PostgreSQL, Intersystems Cache, MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis, Oracle, ElasticSearch
Data Backups: Bash scripts, Rsync, Replication, Bacula
Mail Servers: Microsoft Exchange 2003-2012, Exim, Postfix, Communigate, Mdaemon
Web Servers: IIS, Apache, Nginx
Trackers: Jira, Redmine, Gitlab
CVS: git


- Advanced
Recent Experience
June 2019 – Present
Position: DevOps/Architect

1. Migration development environment to production in Amazon Kubernetes on EC2 with S3, RDS, Route 53 and Load Balancing.
2. Building architecture of development and testing environment in Kubernetes on-premise.
3. Building ephemeral (dynamic) environment for autotesting stage.

CentOS, Kubernetes on-premise, PHP / JS, AWS, PostgreSQL, Kubespray, Redis, Nginx, Ingress, EFK, Terraform, Gitlab CI/CD, Ansible, Prometheus, Grafana, KVM, Docker

November 2018 – June 2019
Position: DevOps/Architect

1. Transferring whole project from developing stage on Windows into Docker with Kubernetes on-premise.
2. Building architecture of P2P blockchain network with stacking / seed nodes and main blockchain platform in Kubernetes cluster with network policies (flannel for network & calico for network policies).
3. CI/CD for development, testing, production with Gitlab.

CentOS, Kubernetes on-premise, .Net / JS, Kubespray, Gitlab CI/CD, Ansible, Mysql, Nginx Ingress,
RabbitMQ, EFK, Prometheus, Grafana, Alertmanager, KVM, Docker

Solar Staff
March 2017 – January 2019
Position: DevOps/Architect

1. Transferring old servers to the new architecture with IaC approach.
2. Building architecture of development, staging and production environment in Kubernetes on-premise.
3. Building new product architecture in Amazon Web Services with Kubernetes and KOPS.
4. Building architecture in Azure for PCI-DSS Compliance certification.
5. Building architecture in Amazon for PCI-DSS Compliance certification.

CentOS, AWS, PHP / JS, Azure, PostgreSQL, EFK, MongoDB, Kubernetes on-premise, Ansible, Terraform,
Gitlab CI/CD, Mattermost, Prometheus, Grafana, Alertmanager, KVM, Docker

August 2016 – Febrary 2017
Position: DevOps/Linux System Administrator

Worked as a System Administrator on 500+ servers WAF
project. A lot of work with bash terminal and orchestration
tools like Ansible and Puppet.

April 2014 – August 2016
Position: Linux System Administrator

1. Infrastructure reconfiguring to baremetal servers in own
2. Nginx balancing for High load internet shop.
3. Building database master-master to 2 slaves clusters for
development and production team.
4. Building CI/CD for development team via bash scripts.

CentOS, PHP / JS, MySQL, Zabix, Sphinx, Ansible, VmWare ESXi, Docker, Nginx, Asterisk, Apache, Php-fpm

Moscow State University of Railway Engineering
Bachelor, Engineer of Cybernetics

Cisco CCNA

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